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Local History from the Village of Wonewoc

GeHistory of the Village of Wonewocorge Willard was the first settler in what is now known as Wonewoc Village. In August, 1842, in company with Don Carlos Barry and Alexander Draper, he visited this locality and explored the country.

Fred Willard, who was born in Wonewoc, November 18, 1853, was the first child born in Wonewoc. In 1854, Delando Pratt came to Wonewoc,

Joel Bishop built the first hotel in 1854 - a portion of the Frazell House

Mr. J. Clements was the first Postmaster; he received his commission in the Summer of 1856

Plymouth and Wonewoc were consolidated in 1857, and Wonewoc was organized into a separate township, in pursuance to an order of the Board of Supervisors of Adams County.





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